Morningside Heights gets fancy

11 Jul

Flat Top

Walking around the hood today, B and I noticed a new biz cropping up! And it happens to be our fave thing: a restaurant. (Yay! More food.) Apparently, Flat Top is a bistro. Or a cafe. Or a place to drink wine. Or a combination of all three. Sleek-looking with a blue-gray exterior, it caught our attention because it’s so different from anything else in the area.

Then we peeped the menu in the window. We were surprised to see bone marrow, a $17 burger and $20+ entrees! There’s even a big, meat-y dish (porterhouse?) for two, for $62. I can’t be more specific than that because the menu had mysteriously disappeared by the time we’d made our way back from the park. Guess it will return in time for next week’s opening…

Since we moved here three years ago, the area has seen some great additions: Bettalona, Jin Ramen, Kuro Kuma, Toast Chicken, etc. But this is much pricier than our typical local joints. Who are they hoping to attract? Students on scholarships? Independently wealthy professors? The Harlem elite?

Maybe just curious moms with blogs.

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