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You, too, could eat this cheese plate and feel happy

20 May


If you haven’t been to Gotham West Market yet, you should swing by. And if I sound like I own the place, it’s because I live upstairs. So yeah, I like to pretend it’s my personal charcuterie/coffee shop/craft beer bar/ramen spot/tapas place/burger joint/artisanal market.

It’s not as much a food court as it is a foodie *hall* with communal tables and perch-worthy bars. Plus there are huge garage-like windows that open right onto 11th avenue, making it SUCH a pleasant place to be at 5pm: nice breeze, late-afternoon sunlight, neither crowded nor empty… total rosé hour. (There are also a few actual outdoor tables if you want them.)

I’ve tried just about every purveyor in here, but my fave of-the-moment place to bring my iPad (the entire hall has free wi-fi … and clean bathrooms!) is The Cannibal. I usually shy away from charcuterie, but my aversion to strange meats is matched only by my love of strange cheeses, so it totally works. (And yes, of course I got a bowl of Brussels sprouts to keep my meal balanced!)