Corsino Cantina

4 Mar

I’m often underwhelmed by Italian restaurants and leave annoyed at having spent money on a mediocre meal. Not at Corsino. This spot is warm, welcoming and serves fantastic dishes—and is just far enough from the ewww Meatpacking District. Standouts include risotto croquettes, baked ricotta and heritage brisket meatballs. They also have about 15 crostinis, if that’s your thing. My go-to pasta is so damn simple and good: fusilli, lemon, scallions, chili & pecorino romano. Sit at the huge granite bar in the middle of the action—and don’t leave without ordering the affogatto.

Tip: This is a great pick for out-of-towners: vibrant scene, quality food, zero hype. And they take reservations.

Photos © Corsino

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  1. beth March 15, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    I want to try this place!

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