Pig out at Mary Queen of Scots

27 Apr

In the old Allen & Delancey space, Mary Queen of Scots is comfy, a wee bit pricey and sure to be appreciated by pork-lovers. (I rarely eat meat but opened my heart and mouth so I could enjoy this place more fully.) First you get a choice of bacon bread (vs. focaccia, wtf?). The menu offers pork belly and pork carbonara; starter snacks include sausage rolls and bacon-wrapped dates. Even the scallops are served with ayrshire pork, while the broccoli rabe has as much smoked pig as green stuff (unnecessary).

Order an inventive Scotchtail, skip most of the fish in favor of something meaty and save room for dessert, which was the most creative course. Whether you choose the chocolate stout cake with beer foam, pretzels and malt ice cream or the peanut butter sandwiches over whiskeyed bananas and honey ice cream, you will be pleased (but also fat).

P.S. Chips and curry sauce.

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