Seriously Impress a Date at 2nd Floor on Clinton

8 Jul

You know those ridiculously pretentious speakeasys made for the masses? This is not one. 2nd Floor on Clinton is basically an old studio apartment that has been converted into a tiny bar. The furniture is a mix of antique couches and lamps and a few chairs that look like they could be in Seinfeld’s apartment. Bookshelves make it super homey—sit by the window and look out on the LES below. There are even a few mini shutters for privacy/eavesdropping.

The bar is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Enter through the back of Barramundi (which is a pleasant place in itself with a happy hour that goes until 9). Cocktails are $14—don’t stay for too many. Next time I am trying the Topsy-Turvy: Death’s Door vodka, honey liqueur, fresh ginger, lime and club soda. And Topsy is the name of a donkey, if you must know. See if you can find the old framed photograph of him on the wall.

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  1. Phil July 8, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    Love this place!

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