Cheap, yummy steak in Williamsburg—really!

13 Dec

Maybe I should change the name of this blog to iknowcheapthings. Or ilikecheapthings. Because here’s another reasonably priced restaurant, this time in Brooklyn: St. Anselm (Metropolitan near Havemeyer).

As a recovering vegetarian I am weird about meat, especially the inexpensive stuff. But the $15 “Butcher Steak” at the reinvented St. Anselm was great—just locally sourced meat drizzled in garlic butter. Nothing wrong with that, or the $5 sides/veggies like pan-fried mashed potatoes, spinach gratin and long beans. I also appreciated the wine list—pours that will not make you poor (like LI’s Channing Daughters on draft).

The pseudo unfinished farmhouse interior contributes to a low-key feel. Still, it’s usually packed because so small. No reservations = yes wait. At least you can wait while sipping beer or wine next door at Spuyten Duyvil (also owned by Joe Carroll). It’s also across from The Commodore.

If you’re in Williamsburg, St. Anselm is one of the best new-ish deals in town.

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