Employees share OMG trade secrets in NY mag

12 Jan

The cover story of this week’s New York mag is The Classifieds: A Workplace Confidential, in which workers from all professions anonymously spill their trade secrets. I experienced nearly every human emotion within a 10-minute span of reading. Here’s what you may have missed…

Do you want to feel …

ANGRY? The Legal Aid Lawyer Who Tells the Innocent to Plead Guilty

GROSSED OUT? The Bikini Waxer With an Aversion to the Female Anatomy

HOPELESS? The Bronx High-School Teacher Who Says It’s Not Just the Students Who Cheat

MODERATELY HORRIFIED? The Transsexual Escort With Married Clients Who Know Exactly What They’re Buying

SAD? The Parole Officer Who Thinks Parolees Are Doomed

HUMORED? The SNL Writer Who No Longer Fears for His Job

NOT AT ALL SURPRISED? The NYPD Officer Who Says He’s Not the Only Cop With a Drinking Problem

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