Who needs another Irish pub? Scotland’s where it’s at!

3 Feb

My cousin works at Mt. Sinai so sometimes I end up on the UES (boo). But this week we discovered a totally awesome spot up there (yay). Caledonia is the Latin word for Scotland, and it is also the name of a super-friendly Scottish pub on Second Ave between 83rd and 84th. You are probably thinking, who cares about another pub? Well, there are only 4 Scottish bars in Manhattan*, according to Mike (bartender/co-owner). Caledonia is tiny—maybe 15 bar stools—but its low-key vibe is the perfect escape from the sea of ultra-douchey bars around here. Not a frat boy in sight.

In addition to 10+ Scottish craft bottled beers, they have Belhaven on tap—both the Cream Ale and IPA—as well as Innis & Gunn cask (Rum Cask until March, when it will switch to Whiskey Cask). Draft beers/wines are $2 off until 7pm.

But onto the whiskey! I am not a whiskey girl but this place has about 130 of them! They also do whiskey tastings. And I am willing to bet the Old Fashioned is one of the city’s best.

You know what really made my night, though? When Mike told me he lived in Queens, I said, that’s funny—I know another Scottish bartender who lives in Queens. Um, yep. They came over from Scotland together.

Only in New York.

*St. Andrews near Times Square, and Highlands and Mary Queen of Scots.

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