Juice monkey

8 May

I’ve been wanting to get into juicing for a while now; the only thing preventing me was the cost of Breville juicers. But last night I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it really made me think. As far as documentaries go, it doesn’t examine the deep social and economic factors that contribute to obesity—this is director Joe Cross’s first foray into moviemaking (he’s actually an investor/entrepreneur).

Still, I couldn’t help but be touched by the stories of people in the film (especially Phil the truck driver). These men turn their lives around by consuming only macronutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables and combining that with exercise. While a complete fast may be difficult/unnecessary/too extreme for some people, there’s no doubt that frequent juicing can improve your health.

Am I a sucker? Maybe. But an inspired sucker who will be buying a Breville juicer (with a 20% off coupon).

The doc is available streaming on Netflix; also here on Hulu for free.

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