Slightly Oliver is a slightly weird name for a bar

23 May

There’s a new-ish cocktail bar for adults on the UWS, right next door to the popular Jacob’s Pickles.

Slightly Oliver means “slightly drunk” in Cockney slang, and there’s clearly a British vibe happening, with Union Jacks hanging and $4 Oliver English Ale during happy hour (plus $4 punches and wines). I tried the Slightly Green Martini with vodka, green pepper reduction, dill elixir and a very non-essential sour mix. First sip was good but ultimately I chose a glass of white wine the next time around.

Bar snack menu had a Scottish egg, cod croquettes and rather pricey flatbreads ($12). The $16 fried chicken sliders were almost worth it; they had a kick and came with onion rings.

Most memorable was the decor: Behind the bar are unfinished wooden shelves lined with cool cocktail shakers, perfectly fitting for Slightly Oliver’s attempt to shake up a snooze-worthy neighborhood.

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  1. Laura Manske May 23, 2012 at 8:12 am #

    Thanks for the drinkable scoop, Stephanie!

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