REAL chefs come to your apartment and cook for you and your friends!

31 May

I am dying! Kitchit has arrived in NY from SF! This bespoke dining service is awesome. Basically you hire a legit local chef (oh, you know… from Edi & the Wolf, ABC Kitchen, Lure Fishbar, Perilla, etc.), plan a menu based on your budget/occasion and then he/she does the shopping, preparing and cooking—even the cleanup! And you? You’re busy drinking wine and shmoozing with your guests. Plus, BYOB means no markup.

And it does not even have to be expensive! You can plan meals for as low as $45 a head (although the sky’s the limit, depending on what you want). This is SO reasonable, even for a weeknight get-together—and a great alternative to trying to squeeze a big group into a restaurant or being forced to order from a prix-fixe menu. (Ew.)

Pay for your guests (if you’re generous), split the cost (if you’re poor) or charge people as a fundraiser (if you’re saving the world). And don’t worry about a small kitchen or lack of tools—these chefs are pros.

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