There’s a personal trainer in my living room!

19 Sep

Wello offers at-home, cost- and time-efficient workouts with a personal trainer.

Yesterday I learned about a new start-up that is so fantastic and innovative, I kind of want to invest in it. And not just because it was started by two female grads who met at business school at Stanford. Wello allows you to work out at home with a real, live personal trainer using two-way video. All you need is a laptop with a camera; 30-minute, tailored sessions start at $19. Here is why Wello is such a brilliant idea:

1. It’s a time-saver: No more wasted minutes schlepping to/from the gym, showering there, etc. Just throw on your workout clothes and unroll your mat in your living room.

2. It’s economical. Personal training sessions at the gym can cost anywhere from $50-$100 for an hour; Wello’s start at $19 for 30 minutes, depending on the trainer’s “tier” (cheaper if you buy a package).

3. You have choices! Male or female trainer. Encouraging, hardcore, fun, fast or motivational workout style. Goals can include get lean, get ripped, get flexible, get healthy and more.

4. You can still use the buddy system as motivation. Ask a friend to come over and join your workout; the cost doesn’t go up, but the two of you can split it. (This would also make a great girls-night-in activity—before breaking out the wine and chocolate.)

5. People who are overweight or self-conscious about going to the gym can do something positive and rewarding for themselves in their own comfort zones.

6. Timing is super flexible and convenient; hundreds of specially trained coaches are available whenever YOU have time to work out—even if that’s 3 a.m.

7. And the No. 1 reason Wello will be a huge success?? Last-minute scheduling. You can decide 10 minutes prior that you want to fit in a session. Yes, you can FINALLY take advantage of those (rare?) moments when you feel energetic and motivated—before the couch sucks you in. Put another way: If your plans for a run were thwarted by rain, you no longer have an excuse to be lazy. Sorry!

(Photo illustration by Wello.)

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