3 great foreign films you missed when all the hype was about “A Separation”

24 Oct

The 2011 Iranian drama A Separation fully deserved the Oscar it got for best foreign language film, but here are three others that I can’t seem to forget:

Bullhead (Belgium): The performances in this dark, deeply disturbing and testosterone-laden story of a man who endures a childhood trauma and never recovers are fierce, even though the backdrop—the cattle farming industry plagued by gangsters—is kind of weird. The plot can be hard to follow at times (it’s partly based on a real incident that occurred when a government veterinarian inspector was killed), but I found myself thinking about this movie long afterward.

Goodbye First Love (France): I’m a total sucker for young love stories because they make me recall my own innocent and all-consuming experiences from a million years ago. While some people might be bored by the minutiae of the affair (this is a very French film), I was hooked on the young girl’s attempts to finally move past the relationship and grow into a new person. I also secretly hoped the two lovers would find happiness together again.

Tomboy (France): One of the most thought-provoking films of last year is about a 10-year-old girl who identifies as a boy, dressing and acting like one (without her parents’ knowledge) when they move to a new town. The child actors do an amazing job—at times I felt like I was watching a documentary. Anyone who doesn’t “get” the issues surrounding gender identity should see this film; it’s impossible not to empathize with the girl’s confusion and struggle for acceptance.

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  1. popculturerxgirl October 24, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    Great tips! Will certainly add to my Netflix queue…which currently still has A Separation hovering at the top LOL

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