Four months ago I ordered brisket. Two nights ago I ate it.

28 Nov

Daniel Delaney was just a dude with a dream (a seriously carnivorous one). He wanted to bring Texas-style BBQ to NYC, so he went down there and brought back a smoker. When I got word of his Brisketlab project over the summer, I pre-ordered a pound of meat for $25. Yup, I just gave this guy my money, without any idea of when, how, or—let’s be honest—if he would MEAT his obligation and deliver good on his promise. Turns out I wasn’t the only a-hole; in 48 hours he sold 2,500 lbs of brisket (kind of nauseating when you think about it that way). Until you taste it!

I was finally able to collect my pound of flesh (ew) at his brick-and-mortar Briskettown location in south Williamsburg. It was AWESOME! Better than Dino, better than Hill Country, better than Blue Smoke, even better than Fette Sau. And certainly better than anything I could ever make: tender and peppery and smoked just right!

Lucky for you, Briskettown is now open to everyone (but go early because the meat often sells out by 8:30). The place is very small—not much more than a storefront—with no bells and whistles. Expect only brisket, pullman slices, pickles, onions and maybe some ribs and potato salad, depending on the day (sometimes they even sell pie). Right now it is BYOB. You have to wait in line for your cut because Daniel himself is up there at the counter, slicing your meat and chatting with hungry brisket lovers and generally being awesome.

I don’t know why this guy’s story makes me so happy—it just does. At least that’s what my stomach told me to say.

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