Just when you thought red velvet had jumped the shark …

10 Feb

… I did too, I swear! But then I had  a piece of RV cake from Ladybird Bakery. I think my faith in the flavor has been restored by the Park Slope institution (FKA Two Little Red Hens). Buttery and moist inside with a touch of cocoa, it’s topped with cream cheese frosting—not a single bite too cloying.

The $42 no-frills treat was devoured by about 15 partygoers. You know how people usually enjoy just a sliver of cake, nibbling on the part they like best (perhaps the flower, or the frosting, or the insides, or the ribbon of caramel, or whatever), and leave the rest? Well as we cleared cake plates, they were EMPTY. Licked clean. There were no discarded, disliked, so-sad cake remains. Some people even came back for more (rare in the cake world, where there definitely can be too much of a good thing).

So, the moral of the story is that it’s the best red velvet cake I’ve had, and the flavor is here to stay. Still not convinced?  Head to Ladybird and indulge for yourself. Just bring me back a piece for breakfast.

I realize this photo would be more helpful if it were a side view of a slice, but this will have to do!

(This would be more helpful if it were a side view of a slice—sorry!)

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