Pre-gaming for the Oscars with last year’s winning doc

24 Feb


Everything I know about football I learned from Friday Night Lights. I still want to be Tami Taylor when I grow up.

I don’t love sports that much. But I do love documentaries. And Undefeated is one of the best sports docs I have ever seen. Brand-new to DVD/streaming, this is an incredible film.

Forget FNL. Forget The Blind Side. No big names, no theatrics, no force-fed emotion. Simply the remarkably inspirational true story of the 2009  Manassas Tigers, a ragged inner city high school football team in Memphis led by volunteer head coach Bill Courtney. There are moments in this film that seem impossibly scripted. But they’re not. You may even be tempted to dismiss it as another rich-white-guy-helps-poor-black-kids story. But do not.

Please see. Seriously! And restore your faith in humanity.

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