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You, too, could eat this cheese plate and feel happy

20 May


If you haven’t been to Gotham West Market yet, you should swing by. And if I sound like I own the place, it’s because I live upstairs. So yeah, I like to pretend it’s my personal charcuterie/coffee shop/craft beer bar/ramen spot/tapas place/burger joint/artisanal market.

It’s not as much a food court as it is a foodie *hall* with communal tables and perch-worthy bars. Plus there are huge garage-like windows that open right onto 11th avenue, making it SUCH a pleasant place to be at 5pm: nice breeze, late-afternoon sunlight, neither crowded nor empty… total rosé hour. (There are also a few actual outdoor tables if you want them.)

I’ve tried just about every purveyor in here, but my fave of-the-moment place to bring my iPad (the entire hall has free wi-fi … and clean bathrooms!) is The Cannibal. I usually shy away from charcuterie, but my aversion to strange meats is matched only by my love of strange cheeses, so it totally works. (And yes, of course I got a bowl of Brussels sprouts to keep my meal balanced!)

Dine like an adult in the East Village

17 Oct

Say you have visitors in town and you’re walking around the EV. Time for dinner, but you’d rather not bring your aunt to a noodle shop swarming with college kids. Apiary is your answer. Conveniently located on Third Ave at 11th, Apiary serves upscale food in a sleek and modern atmosphere. Though his menu is somewhat limited, Chef Scott Bryan (from Veritas) has chosen dishes that show off a variety of seasonal ingredients. Even simple plates like the beet salad, shrimp and potato gnocchi or chicken (often boring), are created with care. There’s a $35 prix fixe menu Sunday, Tues, Weds and Thurs, but even better is Monday’s no corkage fee. (That’s tonight, btw.)  You can eat well without spending too much, and they take reservations—always a plus when out-of-towners are involved.

Where to eat near Penn Station (or Port Authority)

21 Jun

You know when friends come into the city for dinner via Penn Station and want to stay in that area because of time constraints? I used to cringe because the options were so limited/gross/uninspiring. But last night I discovered Mercato on 39th b/t Eighth and Ninth. It’s a solid, reasonably priced Italian spot with a cozy, rustic interior—practically unheard of in this No Man’s Land. Pastas run about $12 to $15, entrees are a few bucks more. Expect interesting apps, quite a few fish options and a decent list of Italian wines. Mercato won’t change your life, but it could very well save an evening.

Eat at Recipe on Upper West Side

18 May

The dearth of decent restaurants on the UWS is matched only by that of Times Square (but at least that area is slightly redeemed by theater).

That’s why Recipe on Amsterdam and 82nd is such a lovely surprise. This charming eatery has about 25 seats and the ingredients are fresh, local and seasonal. Everything is made in-house, from the Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Tart to the salted caramel in The Best Dessert I’ve Ever Had (also known on the menu as Chocolate Pignoli Tart) with mascarpone gelato—OMG. The tables are tight because the place is so small but you’re likely to strike up a conversation with your neighbors over the food, anyway.

Bottom line: If you find yourself on the UWS, there’s at least one solid option. Just do yourself a favor and make a reservation.

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith

19 Apr

Hardcover Edition

OK, so I’m obviously not the only one who has discovered this NYT Bestseller. But trust me: If you have a love for music, poetry, art, photography or the NYC that once was, pick up this book. Patti Smith has written a romantic ode not only to the amazing Robert Mapplethorpe but also to an era.

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