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I couldn’t be a hater at Anejo Tequileria

26 Oct

Having grown up in San Diego, I get irritated at upscale Mexican food. The quesadillas we ate as kids cost $1.75 at Cotija¬†and they tasted rad. But even when my palate evolved to¬†beachside fish tacos and rolled tacos with a perfect blob of guacamole and a side of tongue-searing, this-can’t-actually-occur-in-nature hot sauce, I never paid more than $5. So I am skeptical when two tiny New York tacos cost $15 and there is nothing else on the plate.

Still, I visited Anejo Tequileria in Hell’s Kitchen the other night and was totally impressed. The food menu is not extensive (the choice is in the tequilas, which I did not get to try), but flavor pairings were unique and seriously enjoyable. The guacamole had pomegranate and pumpkin seed and charred poblano! The salad had sweet chili cashews! The corn cake had Oaxacan cheese and jalapeno! The short rib tacos were braised in cocoa! The pork tacos were really bland so let’s move on! The churros were served with not only chipotle chocolate but also dulce de leche!

All in all, it was a great meal by Top Chef alum Angelo Sosa. Portions are small, so don’t come starving. The flip side to that is you don’t leave stuffed. The vibe is loud and lively; expect the typical New York scene where you’re eating on top of your neighbor but pretending like you don’t mind because you’re at a cool place in pretty much the best city around. Tequila or no, your life will feel pretty good. And so will your stomach. (Your wallet will feel just OK.)