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Is a walk still considered exercise if there’s a beignet at the end?

8 Apr


While we all know good things can be found in unexpected places, I was totally skeptical when my husband stopped at a sandwich board advertising fresh beignets outside of Amir’s Grill in Morningside Heights. Um, the place is not even a grill—it’s a souped-up falafel shop that’s popular with Columbia students. But the promise of New Orleans style beignets was too great. He went in and came out … about 10 minutes later. Why the long wait? They were making them fresh (and by “making” I mean deep-frying). But they are heavenly!!! Light and crisp and sweet. Served hot. Not too big. Covered in powdered sugar. The most delectable, simple and calorically unnecessary treats ever (at the student-friendly price of a buck each)!

Just don’t eat one by the door on a breezy day in a black sweater.