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Nerd alert! The NYPL rocks my world.

18 Nov

This may seem basic, but the New York Public Library is one of the city’s most efficient, yet underutilized services. And it is totally free (and free of hassles). So if you’re not doing it, you either don’t like learning (dummy) or are rich enough to continuously buy new books (lucky)!

  1.  Sign up for a free library card. (Get it delivered by mail, or pick up in person if you need to get your borrow on ASAP).
  2.  Login and search for a book.
  3. Request it be delivered to any library branch in the city. With more than 80, there’s definitely one near your home/office/gym/therapist.
  4. Get email saying it’s ready for pickup. (You don’t have to go right away—it’s held for a few days.)
  5. READ!!!! (You usually have three weeks, one week for Express books.)
  6. Slowpokes can renew online (with some stipulations).
  7. Return to any branch.
  8. Repeat.
  9. Become a total smarty! (Or at least be well read.)

Yes, I have heard of e-books. But not all titles available yet at NYPL. Visit its growing e-book collection.

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