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Because you want your mum and dad to be happy

17 Aug

My Lovely Parent is a still-in-beta website where adult kids can help their single moms and dads meet new people. For dates. Or friendship. Or frolicking. (Ew—that’s my mom you’re talking about!)

While I know of sites where friends can vouch for their pals (and even write their profiles), this is the first I’ve heard of sons and daughters playing an active role in romantic connections. It’s terribly sweet, but also brilliant—especially when you consider that people in their 50s and 60s are probably not used to creating online profiles, boasting about their hobbies or, you know, assuring strangers that they are as comfortable dressing up for a night out as they are hanging out on the couch (zzzz).

Grown-up kids can sign up, browse the profiles of older singles and send recommendations to their parents. Then either “ask to be more involved” (maybe help mom/dad write a profile or compose an initial email?), or just sit back and watch sparks fly.

This is a UK company, so unless you’re a Brit, your folks probably have a few more months (of peace and quiet) before you get in there and start making things happen. But remember: You can’t play matchmaker and then throw a tantrum when a new “friend” comes to Thanksgiving.