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Hyatt wants you to stay skinny!

13 Jul

Or maybe just healthy. But on a recent stay at a Grand Hyatt, I found the coolest thing in the hotel gym: a little tiny card that outlined local running routes! Now, this was not a woodsy, mountainous or beachy area where trails would be obvious. It was in a city, and I probably would have stuck to the treadmill without this mini-map. A partnership with Athletic-Minded Traveler, the card highlighted two routes: a 2.5-miler and a 5-miler, along with other well-labeled streets in case I got lost.

Best part: It was small enough to be zippered into the pocket of my workout shorts, and it was laminated/sweat proof! Plus, it had the hotel’s phone number in case I got lost. So I left my cell phone  in the room and hit the pavement.

In addition to suggested running routes, Stay Fit at Hyatt includes 24-hour gyms with upgraded fitness machines and equipment like body bars, resistance bands and medicine balls, plus in-room yoga programs and even GPS watches available on loan.

I love you, Hyatt! Thanks for letting me eat flatbread without becoming a fathead.

I ran the 5-mile loop. Five times. (I am lying.)