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Harlem hipster joint serves craft beer and kick-ass food

26 Feb


Harlem Public is like a little piece of Portlandia uptown. On Broadway at 149th, it is small and cozy—and full of hipsters. But nice ones! And who can blame the locals when a place like this was so badly needed among the area’s fast food, barber shops and laundromats? Hardly a seat to be had on a non-special Sunday afternoon, since patrons tend to stick around for a few hours. They bring books. They bring laptops. They make friends and order another round. They practically bring their sleeping bags.

My point is, this is not just a bar—it’s a hangout. Maybe it’s the cast iron fireplace. Or the 16 craft beers on tap starting from $7, like Clown Shoes, Allegash Triple or Blue Point Blueberry. Or the food. The menu is clever enough to make you forget how heart-attack inducing your meal is about to be. Brunch offerings include a crazy sandwich with peanut butter, cream cheese, honey and housemade raspberry preserves, topped with bananas ($10). From the regular menu I picked the most indulgent grilled cheese ever: New York cheddar and jalapeno jack on thick and ridiculous Grandaisy Sourdough ($9). Get it fully loaded ($12) with avocado, thick-cut brown sugar bacon and … Doritos! Whaaaaat ? (Do not think for one minute that it was gross!) People also go nuts for HP’s peanut butter burger, as well as the avocado fries (deep-fried in panko). Goodbye diet, hello heaven. Hello, Harlem!

Grilled cheese: Looks messy, tastes awesome.

Grilled cheese: Looks messy, tastes awesome.