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PERFECT iced coffee comes to Harlem

12 Jul

Clearly, there is also lemonade.

LOVE new businesses in our hood! Kuro Kuma (“Black Bear” in Japanese) is a tiny coffee shop brewing Counter Culture Coffee and serving a handful of Balthazar pastries, including mini-scones (my fave bc you get a taste without feeling *too* guilty). It’s a barely-there storefront on LaSalle b/t Broadway and Claremont; one of the owners David lives up the street. Upon gutting the space he discovered original tin ceilings that he left exposed, then he added pretty blue tiles along the back wall. The register is just an iPad running the ShopKeep point-of-sale system; there are only two small cafe tables. On hot, sticky summer mornings, this stop-and-go joint is a lifesaver—my trek to the train will never be the same.