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Barrio Chino: Real Mexican food on LES

6 Apr

I grew up in San Diego and can attest to the fact that most Mexican food in New York is abysmal. Or expensive. Or both. That’s why Barrio Chino makes me happy. This tiny spot where the Lower East Side meets Chinatown serves authentic, fairly priced Mexican specialties. Not many surprises on the menu—guac ($8), tacos ($9), enchiladas ($13), shrimp ($10)—but everything is fresh and delicious. Be sure to order the sincronizadas with oaxacan cheese and spicy mexican chorizo and avocado ($9). Oh, and I almost forgot: the margs! If you like spicy, try the grapefruit jalapeno. If you’re into burn-your-mouth-spicy, brave the grapefruit habanero. Good luck with that.

One more thing: There’s always a wait but the hostess will take your number and call you when your table is ready. Because it’s just that kind of place.