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Page One: Inside the New York Times

10 Jan

Finally streamed Page One: Inside the New York Times, one of the more interesting documentaries I’ve seen in a while. It’s not without its flaws–disjointed in parts and lacking explanation in others. Still, I’d recommend it to anyone who cares about the media even a little. An examination of the journalistic landscape in the face of the Internet, the film offers unprecedented access to the NYT‘s Media Desk, as reporters and editors navigate the paper’s response to—and responsibility in—the digital age. Appearances by David Carr (he’s sort of weirdly positioned as the hero), Bruce Headlam, Brian Stelter and more. It thought-provokingly juxtaposes traditional, institutionalized legacy reporting with Twitter, blogs and aggregate sites, while reminding us that publishing is a business—one we hope the Times survives.

Check out the trailer.

And just because it’s fun (although not very flattering), here’s the NYT review of its own movie.

I fell in love with Bill Cunningham

26 Sep

This weekend I watched Bill Cunningham New York and it is quite possibly one of my favorite documentaries about a single subject.  I think I am in love with this slightly bizarre and immensely talented and very funny 80-something-year-old man who still rides a bike around the city streets. (If you don’t know, Bill has been a photographer for the New York Times for the last 30 years, chronicling fashion both high and low.) This movie is not just a love letter to him and to syle but also to life in NYC. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Photo: First Thought Films / Zeitgeist Films