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Amazing work, sad story

18 Apr

Of the Pulitzer Prize winners announced this week, the feature photography series Welcome Home is incredibly poignant.

Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post (second Pulitzer in three years!) introduces us to Scott Ostrom, a Marine who returned home from Iraq with a severe case of PTSD.


Support the children of a photojournalist killed in Libya

11 Apr

On May 15 at Christie’s,  photojournalism prints will be auctioned off in memory of Anton Hammerl, a South African photojournalist killed in Libya last year (around the same time as Tim Hetherington). For 44 days his family was led to believe he was in captivity, when it truth he had been killed by Gaddafi loyalists. He left behind three kids ages 11, 8 and 1; the auction will raise money for their education costs.

One of his final images

Leading contemporary photojournalists have donated their work to the auction, which is the first of its kind at Christie’s. Please consider attending, bidding or donating to the family of this talented man who was left to die in the desert.

Learn more at friendsofanton.org.

Read a piece from The Atlantic last year.

Photo: flickr/sodaniechea