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Success for the little guy

4 Sep

I like it when everyday people get to do things once reserved for the super well-connected/resourced/wealthy. Quirky is an open-source invention site that allows regular folks with great ideas to produce and sell their products. Each week, two brand-new innovations are brought to the market—which means you and I can buy some brilliant invention made by a college student that would have never seen the light of day.

Here’s how it works: Anyone with an idea can submit it for $10. Quirky users vote on their faves, then paid Quirky staffers further develop the concept, design and manufacturing process. In four to six months, the products appear on shelves at retailers like Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond—and the inventors get up to 35% of the profits.

Check out some of the awesome things made by regular people. Some of my faves are a lemon spritzer, a collapsible, space-saving laundry basket and the ever-popular Pivot Power (actually utilize every outlet in a power strip)!

Have an idea of your own or just want to get involved? Participate.