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Donna Bell’s: Because sometimes you get bored of egg and cheese on a roll

28 May



And also because out-of-town guests are always a little scared when you take them to a bodega for breakfast and swear they won’t get food poisoning. Donna Bell’s Bake Shop on 49th near Eighth Ave. is an unexpected treat haven in a nothing-special section of midtown I deem… NoTiSqu.

Although DB’s is darling, unknowing tourists rarely give it a try because they get sucked in to the familiarity of Starbucks right next door. Little do they know that inside DBs lives the most delightful grab-and-go egg breakfast sandwich on a fluffy biscuit (that I have had the willpower to avoid on the way to work for the past four months…until last week). ANYWAY, you can get it with freshly carved ham or roasted turkey or a sausage or veggie patty. They also serve Cafe Du Monde coffee. McDonald’s this is not.

Peer into the storefront and see towers of homemade southern baked goods like scones and muffins alongside the huge buttery biscuits, and also a variety of seriously special sugary bars and squares and cakes and pies. This is where carbs go to die. But first they will make you very, very happy.

Fun fact: Donna Bell’s is owned by actress Pauley Perette (NCIS) and her two best friends.

Sad fact: Closed on Sundays.