A safe haven from all that is Turtle Bay

30 Sep

La Cava wine bar (Second Ave. at E. 50th)

Unless you’re 24 and douche-y, you probably hate Turtle Bay. But I’m happy to report there is finally one place of redemption (and it’s not the bar Redemption).

Open less than a year, La Cava is an inviting wine bar that provides a respite from everything else in that area. Cozy enough for solo sipping, it also offers high-top tables for small groups of friends/coworkers.  In front, floor-to-ceiling glass windows open to the sidewalk; a handful of tables spill over. The menu is your basic cheese, charcuterie and small plates, but it’s the happy hour ’til 7 that draws people in. Plus, the owner selects all the wines himself. This is a much-needed addition to Turtle Bay—and a solid after-work spot for the many offices around Third Ave in the low-50s.

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