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A safe haven from all that is Turtle Bay

30 Sep

La Cava wine bar (Second Ave. at E. 50th)

Unless you’re 24 and douche-y, you probably hate Turtle Bay. But I’m happy to report there is finally one place of redemption (and it’s not the bar Redemption).

Open less than a year, La Cava is an inviting wine bar that provides a respite from everything else in that area. Cozy enough for solo sipping, it also offers high-top tables for small groups of friends/coworkers.  In front, floor-to-ceiling glass windows open to the sidewalk; a handful of tables spill over. The menu is your basic cheese, charcuterie and small plates, but it’s the happy hour ’til 7 that draws people in. Plus, the owner selects all the wines himself. This is a much-needed addition to Turtle Bay—and a solid after-work spot for the many offices around Third Ave in the low-50s.

Who Doesn’t Like Candy?

27 Jun

A new-ish store has opened in Manhattan. Or should I call it a shop. Or perhaps shoppe, since it’s filled with sweets from the UK. Owned by a former restauranteur from England who goes by “Jigs,” The London Candy Co. is filled to the brim with Cadbury, Thortons and Terry’s (you know—the chocolate orange), along with “digestive” biscuits and Walker’s crisps (salt to offset the sugar). When I visited, Jigs was handing out candy to kids on the street like a British Willy Wonka.

And not to worry if you find yourself on the Upper East Side at 9am without chocolate on the brain—the place also serves Stumptown coffee.


A feel-good documentary for New Yorkers, Etc.

23 Jun

A new indie doc coming out next week (July 1), Love, Etc follows a handful of New Yorkers in love or looking for it, including three couples and two single men. It’s poignant, funny and pretty damn accurate.

Meet an elderly pair from Canarsie who’ve been married for 48 years, a divorced dad with two teens living in Forest Hills, a gay play director who wants to be a father, two high school seniors enjoying their first serious relationship and a newlywed Indian couple living in Jamaica Hills.


You might appreciate this film if you have an affinity for any of the following:

-New York City








I ate a cookie and died

3 Jun

Usually I am kind of meh about sweets but last night at a party I had a cookie from the Upper West Side’s Levain Bakery and it pretty much rocked my world. (Levain is French for leavening.) The thick, gooey concoction was almost like a scone in consistency—so amazing that I forgave the nuts in the chocolate chip variety. (The only four flavors are chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and dark chocolate peanut butter chip.) Seriously, what do they put in those things???? Is it wrong to eat them for breakfast? Anyway, the place has been around for years and apparently I was the last one to know about it but never have I ever put something so yummy in my mouth. Order online here.