Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down

24 Oct

Maybe it’s the proximity to the Theater District and Lincoln Center but friends are always asking me for quick, cheap-eat suggestions near Ninth Ave in the low-50s. After all, a person can only eat at Empanada Mama so many times. The other night I found a new fave in the area: Pure Thai Shophouse. It basically blew every other mediocre, forgettable Thai place in the city out of the water. And while it is a bit cramped (not great for dates), the food was served quickly and was soooo good. How good? I almost rubbed my face in the peanut sauce accompanying the chicken skewers. My friend also raved about his Ratchaburi crab & pork dry noodle dish. I stuck with tofu and vegetables but asked for it extra spicy, then spent much of my meal crying into my Chang beer. Just kidding—it was awesome. (But this place is serious about heat, so don’t fool around if you’re not a pro.) Along with authentic flavors and decor, the funky soundtrack added a nice touch. That, and the fact that I spent about $23.

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