(The) Harrison is a town but it is also a restaurant

2 Nov

I used to think of Tribeca as “cold”—is that weird? Not sure if it was the staid architecture (brand-new apartment buildings) or lack of personality (meh bars and restaurants), but it always seemed a little off-putting. Well, I might be finally changing my mind. Last week I visited another great Tribeca spot—not new—that managed to make me feel warm and fuzzy.

The Harrison may be where locals eat, but the rest of us won’t be spit on for living above Canal. The yellow lighting practically beckons you from the street—I wanted to be inside! This place somehow manages to be comfy and lively at the same time, where solidly creative food and really great service round out the experience. (Owner Jimmy Bradley has been perfecting this mix for years at The Red Cat in Chelsea.)

So as you head into the holidays when friends and family just looove to visit, consider catching up in a classy, non-pretentious environment that is totally NYC (and anything but chilly).

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