Wait—what? There is a Brooklyn-themed bar in Manhattan. (Why?)

27 Jun

I know! I think it’s weird, too! But I decided to check it out because it’s near my office in an area with few bars. So, let me tell you about The Brooklyneer on Houston near Varick:

  • There’s a decent selection of NY beers: BK Brewery (of course), Captain Lawrence, Coney Island and Sixpoint (but I think I expected a few more).
  • Many cocktails are made using BK-sourced spirits and mixers (Brooklyn Republic Gin/Vodka, Q Tonic, KBBK Kombucha).
  • Much of the food is from BK vendors (pickles by Brooklyn Brine, preserves by Anarchy in a Jar, cupcakes by Robicelli). MENU
  • Apparently, the 30-foot long bartop was once part of the old Coney Island Boardwalk.
  • Our hipster bartender was most definitely from BK.
  • We had a jalapeno and cheese pretzel from Sigmund’s which defied our expectations—it was served hot with a spicy honey mustard (seemed like a strange paring but worked well), but, I might add, Sigmund’s is not in BK.

Warning from my sipping companion: Unless it’s happy hour, don’t expect BK prices. Pints start at $7 and cocktails are $12.

Toto, we are definitely in Manhattan.

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