No more mommy guilt! Turn your kid’s artwork into a photo book.

28 Jun

You love your kid. You love his paintings/drawings/collages, but they take up space. Of course, you can’t bear to toss them.

Make your life easier by letting Plum Print turn your kid’s art into a coffee table book. Like this.

All you have to do is mail your little Picasso’s pieces to Plum Print. You’ll get a proof back to approve; the book comes six weeks later (along with the returned art—but you’re throwing that out, right?). Prices start at $85 for a 20-page book; cost varies according to dimensions, page count and hard/soft cover.

Cut clutter AND create something memorable. Your husband will thank you now and your kid will thank you later.

I didn’t draw this as a kid but if I did, my mom might have put it in a Plum Print book.

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