You’ll never drink Blue Moon again

29 Jun

I am a HUGE fan of summer beers. And microbrews. So it was sort of the best thing ever when I walked into a shop in Boston last weekend to find a rep from the craft label Clown Shoes offering a tasting of Clementine Witbier. Brewed in Mass., it’s a Belgian-style white that lacks that chemical taste (that I can no longer ignore) in many mass-produced wheat beers (like Blue Moon). And you never have to add a lemon or orange; this 5.9% ale is made with clementine, sweet orange peel and coriander for a refreshing zest. SO good. SO summery. SO wish I had another one right now!

Wheat beer not your thing? There are about a dozen more to choose from—check out the awesome art on the labels while you’re at it.

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